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Tri-Clamp Mount

IMC Engineers have designed sanitary Tri-Clamp mixers to make interconnections in stainless steel fluid transport systems, commonly found in the food processing, dairy, wine, and beer brewing industries, where hygiene is critical and any space, thread, or gap. Easy to clean, portable, and durable, these Tri-Clamp mixers is delivered with a stainless-steel propeller.

● Rapid setup and breakdown of brewing equipment
● Easy to clean: no threads or obstructions
● Easy to ensure a seal – no teflon tape required
● No male / female fittings – all fittings can simply be connected together
● “Plug and play” fittings allow for easy reconfiguration of brewery equipment

This sanitary mixer is designed to attach to tri-clamp mount fittings. Our mixers with sanitary tri-clamps offer extreme durability and versatility. These stainless steel washdown industrial sanitary mixers were constructed to be used in the most sterile environments. Engineered with easily cleanable surfaces, outstanding durability, and lightweight portability this sanitary tri-clamp mixer comes equipped with stainless steel propellers. The mechanical seal ensures a sealed environment rated for sterile applications. Browse our collection of tri-clamp sanitary mixers online at Mixer Direct today!

An economy line tri-clamp mount sanitary mixer is also offered with TEFC motors and comes equipped with a Teflon seal. Mixer Direct offers many customization options for these tri-clamp sanitary mixers including longer shafts, varying gear ratios, and many impeller types. We can customize the sanitary tri-clamp mixer to fit any application. Call one of our sales engineers or fill out a contact form for customizable sanitary tri-clamp mixers today!”

Tri-Clamp Mount