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Split Hub 2 Piece

Easily inserted in mixing tank through manhole, Hub is slipped on shaft and placed at any height, Hub held on mixing shaft by compression exerted by tightening the 4 or 6 bolts on 2 sets of ears (no need of keyway or set screws) IMC’s Axial turbines provide higher mechanical shear than hydrofoils or propellers. IMC’s turbine blades are cut with the latest technology available on abrasive waterjets to guarantee the highest degree of accuracy. Bores are CNC machined at our state-of-the-art facility to high tolerances. Finished blades then are TIG welded to the hub, achieving the highest quality and the strongest weld. IMC’s axial flow turbines are excellent corrosion resistant, and durable all made in the US. Custom Bore sizes and keyways can be provided. Just contact us to request a quote on these options.