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Homogenizers Rotor / Stator

IMC Homogenizers/Emulsifiers have rotor/stator heads powered either directly coupled to a motor for fixed speed designs, or through a belt system for variable speed designs. The fixed speed units are usually mounted on a hoist, portable or fixed, while the variable speed are usually mounted on air-over-oil hydraulic cylinder for ease lifting from mixing vessel. The rotor/stator heads are designed either to provide a high movement of the product being mixed (fountain/umbrella type with adjustable plate) or to subject the mix to high shear (slotted stator type with down trust impeller). Any model may have either a standard finish for non-sanitary application or sanitary finish equal to 150 or 240 grit. Special units are designed and quoted on request. Variable speed model using Variable Frequency Inverters are also available in standard motor enclosures or in explosion proof motor enclosures.

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