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Model VRB-SRI-CB-02-30/40-SS304

IMC fabricates the Model VRB Vertical Ribbon Blender which includes a double spiral design. IMC’s Model VRB provides a uniform mix while minimizing plant floor space. The spiral mixing ribbon creates a 3-dimensional flow of the mixing product. The helical ribbon creates a spiral upward movement on the periphery while also creating a downward flow in the middle. The tight clearances between shell and ribbon blade help improve mixing efficiency. Applications for this design include dry powders, pastes, dough and more. This specific model was optioned with a gear reducer to mix at slower speeds with more power to get through those high viscosity materials. Additionally, the customer’s mixing processes included high temperatures. IMC’s adaptable design allowed for the integration of high temperature bearings and seals. Flange entry is the most requested mounting design by customers, however, here at IMC we are flexible and will work with you to find the best solution for your mixing needs. Contact us today to receive a quote on your personalized mixer!


  • 2HP Inverter Duty Motor
  • Gear Reducer w. 39:1 Gear Ratio
  • 43 RPM Operating Speed
  • High Temperature Bearing
  • High Temperature Packing Seal
  • 25” Mixing Shaft
  • Sanitary Polish Ribbon Blade
  • ½” Shell-Blade Clearance
  • Variable Frequency Drive Optional

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