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Model DRB-350VS-SS304-P

The Model DRB mixer comes with a double ribbon design that runs parallel to the ground. This specific unit can operate at various speeds thanks to its inverter duty motor and variable frequency drive. Explosion proof motors can also be optioned into your Model DRB mixer. Shaft assembly needs can vary between customers, that is why IMC is flexible and offers fixed or removable shaft assembly constructions. Additionally, heating/cooling jackets, vacuum covers and seals, manual or pneumatic controlled drain valves can be optioned into your IMC Model DRB. Pneumatic controlled drain valves come in sizes from 1⁄2 cubic foot to 800 cubic foot. At IMC we recognize that not every customer has the same needs, contact us now receive a custom quote that will satisfy your needs!


  • 2 HP
  •  3/60/230/460V, motor/reducer, TEFC, inverter duty
  • Vector drive controller
  • Variable speed, 0 to 60 rpm
  • 3.5 cubic feet, max. capacity
  • Removable shaft assembly
  • Double flight ribbon
  • Teflon packing gland seals
  • Drain, 4” sanitary ferrule
  • Materials, SS304
  • Sanitary finish

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