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HDF-High Flow Dispersion Blade, 34″ Diameter


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IMC’s HDF blade design is our high flow dispersion blade. Style HDF blades rotate at high RPMs to facilitate the quick impartation of solids at a fine grind. Liquid flows outward over the teeth breaking the agglomerations into increasing smaller particles. Other dispersion blades struggle to complete a uniform mixture. The HDF design’s flaps helps this issue by creating axial flow with its geometry. The extra axial flow is useful for mixing higher viscosity materials. Use this blade with paints and inks. HDF design blades are being used in a variety of industries for increased efficiency. More options are available, contact us for a quote!


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Impeller Diameter


Impeller Material

316 SS

Bore Diameter


Impeller Thickness

1/4" (0.25")