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IMC Model HSL-30V-20V-EX-SS


IMC Model HSL is a post-mount dual-shaft mixer. HSL Models include interchangeable impellers. The center mixing shaft operates the slow speed turbine. In this specific model a 3-Prong Bow Tie Turbine is shown. Next to the center mixing shaft is the disperser’s mixing shaft. The disperser operates at high speeds and is typically equipped with IMC’s HSF style blade. Other high speed blades can be equipped based on client mixing needs. The disperser and mixing turbine operate at separate speeds, that is why IMC equips its Model HSL mixers with two motors to accommodate for the power needs of the disperser and mixer. Model HSL mixers come equipped with an Air-over-oil hydraulic lift to move the mixer in and out of the mixing tanks. This specific model includes manual speed controllers, however, electrical speed controller options are available using Variable Frequency Drives.  At IMC we recognize that customers have varying mixing needs, that is why we are flexible. Submit a Quote Request and let us know what your mixing needs are so we can help! 


  • 30 HP Variable Speed Disperser
  • 20 HP Variable Low Speed Mixer
  • 3-Prong Bow The Turbine (TSL)
  • Interchangeable Turbines (30″ & 23″)
  • Hydraulic Lift, Air-Over-Oil
  • Adjustable Can Lock

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