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IMC’s DHL Series 4020 will increase productivity and versatility of high viscosity batch processing. They are suitable for mixing and dispersing materials with viscosity ratings exceeding 100,000 cps. These viscous materials tend to stick to the wall of the mixing vessel. The high-speed HSF blade will disperse the materials at a top speed of 5200 feet per minute, while the large open turbine impeller, rotating in the range of 300 to 1300 feet per minute, will keep the high viscous materials flowing. This system produces swift dispersions in applications from paste inks to coatings, plastisol’s, adhesives, caulking compounds, and specialty chemicals.

The disperser and the mixer may be running one at time or both at the same time. Typical speed ranges at the mixing shaft are 600 to 1400 rpm for the high-speed disperser and 30 to 90 rpm for the low-speed mixer. Electric motor power could vary based on your mixing needs.

Series 4020 models are designed to be tank mounted, whether by bridge or flange. Post mounted dual-shaft mixers can be found in the Series 4022 models. Series 4020 Dual Shaft Mixer/Dispersers may be supplied with several features which will add to versatility and economy. Features such as vacuum/pressure operation, choice of interchangeable mixing vessels, choice of fixed and portable vessels with heating/cooling jackets or external pipe coils for hot oil heating, choice of drives, choice of low-speed anchor or helical turbines. A stator/rotor dispersing head may be added for superior high shear results. Wetted stainless parts may be polished to more than 240 grits. Due to a variety in customer needs, each DHL Series is made to your needs! To have your mixing needs met, contact us for a quote using the form below!

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