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IMC Model DHL-7.5V-3F-1.5C-EX-CS


This Dual-Shaft Model includes an anchor turbine and 2 high shear blades. The anchor turbine in this model has detachable Teflon strips which ride on the wall and bottom of the vessel, wiping it clean. The High-Shear blades on the secondary mixing create a vortex that helps draw down harder to mix ingredients. The tank featured in this project was made of 304 Stainless Steel and featured a flanged and dished bottom construction. The tank was also optioned to include a heating/cooling jacket that was tested to an internal pressure of 75 psig. The Tank was delivered with a 2B, mill finish and a hinged tank cover.

IMC Model DHL-7.5V-3F-1.5C-EX-CS Includes:
  • 7.5 HP Variable High-Speed Disperser
    o   1-1/2” shaft
    o   600 to 1800 RPM Shaft Speed
    o   2 IMC High Shear HSF Impellers
  •  3 HP Fixed Low Speed Mixer
    o   2” Shaft
    o   30 RPM Shaft Speed
    o   3 Blade Anchor Impeller with Scraper
  • 150 Gallon Tank
    o   304 Stainless Steel Construction
    o   Flanged and Dished Bottom Design
    o   Side Jacket w. 75 PSIG Max

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