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This Series 4020 Model DHL Dual-Shaft mixer was made for a paste wood stain process system. The customer required a tank mounted variable speed mixer/disperser that could help with their high viscosity application. IMC responded by designing this DHL model to help their specific needs. This design included dual motors and two mixing shafts. Two variable high-speed blades would assist the larger variable low speed anchor turbine providing a top-down flow. This system could also be moved around and tested on a skid. This skid system feature allowed for fast turnaround times, lower costs, and added flexibility. Additionally, these models may be supplied with vacuum/pressure seals, various corrosion resistant materials, and heating/cooling capabilities per your mixing needs.

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IMC Model DHL-10V-5V-100-CS Includes:

  • 10 HP Variable High-Speed Disperser
    • 600 to 1800 RPM Operating Speed
    • 2 IMC High Shear HSF Impellers
  • 5 HP Fixed Low Speed Mixer
    • 20 to 60 RPM Operating Speed
    • 3 Blade Anchor Impeller with Scrapers
    • 4 Blade Downflow Turbine
  • 150 Gallon Tank
    • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Flanged and Dished Bottom Design
    • Hinged Covers
    • Drain Trough
  • Working Platform with Steps

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