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4020 Dual Shaft Disperser-Mixer Jacketed Reactor

This model is made of stainless steel, and it is suitable for dispersing and mixing materials with viscosity more than 100,000 centipoise (cps) that tend to hang to the wall of the mixing vessel, thus assuring product uniformity and even batch circulation. Certain products require heating for improving the chemical reactions as it is in this case where the product is being heated using hot oil pipe jacket on the outside of the vessel. The high-speed blade with a variable speed range of 400 to 1600 rpm will disperse the materials at a tip speed of 5200 feet per minute, while the large turbine, rotating in the range of 300 to 1300 feet per minute, will keep the high viscous materials flowing from the side wall and bottom to the disperser blade. Special engineered seals and charging hatches would make this assembly useful for vacuum/pressure applications. The drive system of the dual motors assembly may be supplied in single speed, dual speed, mechanical variable speed or electronic variable speed (variable frequency inverter) with standard TEFC or explosion proof motors. Motor starters and controls, ammeter, and tachometers (analog or digital), temperature probes and indicators, glass viewports, sight light viewports, may be supplied as accessories. All controls and instrumentations for this assembly may be supplied in standard or explosion proof enclosures.

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